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 Irish Expert is acclaimed for excellence in overseas education, immigration services, and visa consulting. Our highly qualified team provides tailored assistance throughout the immigration process, from course and university selection to visa categories and interviews. We go beyond advisory, offering support in securing lodging, global landing, and post-landing assistance. Representing over 50 countries, 1000+ premier institutions, and 100,000+ courses, we are British Council Certified Agents. Brit Qualis, ISO 9001:2015, and UNI AGENTS recognize and certify our services. With offices spanning the United Kingdom, India, and UAE, our global operations are set to expand further with new branches in Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and China, along with a widespread network across India.

Our renowned team has procured awards, comprising a diverse group of international counselors enlightening the path toward realizing your overseas educational ambitions. We focus on guiding you toward your dream country, selecting the right courses and universities that align with your unique talents and potential, and offering personalized services enriched by personal experiences. Our commitment extends throughout the process, adapting to the global landscape and its corresponding needs.
We started with the onerous task of solving the toughest visa refusal cases. As one of the world’s premier Overseas Education and Immigration Consultancy firms, we take pride in our track record of assisting clients in navigating the complexities of visa applications and immigration processes and continue our guidance until you get citizenship. Our reliable and experienced Legal experts ensure that every visa application is not only eligible but also successful, resulting in the complete satisfaction of our clients.


We acknowledge that navigating the immigration process can be complex and stressful, leading to numerous questions and concerns. We are determined in our commitment to offering personalized support, ensuring timely responses to inquiries, and providing regular updates on the status of immigration applications.

Our Accreditation

ISO 9001:2015 Certified International Certification For Quality Management System
ILPA Member Of The Immigration Law Practitioners Association
Uni Agents Certified Agent An Association Of Global International Education Agents
British Council Certified Your accredited partner for IELTS excellence and British Council expertise.
Brit Qualis Certified A Uk Based Global Certification Body For Quality Management
Bar Council Of India Your legal advocates of choice, recognized and approved by the Bar Council of India.
Ministry of Tourism We are Certified by Ministry of Tourism from Indian Government